Monday, 25 September 2006

What a difference a day makes!!

Well, they say lots can happen in a day and that certainly is true. Unfortunately not all of it's good and here's the evidence!! First picture is DD2's short Jaywalker hot off the needles and being an anally-retentive sock knitter (or at least a sock knitter who has too many 'lone soldiers' waiting for their partner!), I eagerly cast on sock 2 and had just turned the heel in a knitting frenzy. Despite having placed sock 1 on the top shelf of my desk, the puppy we are babysitting at the moment discovered it and thought 'My, what a kind woman... she has left me a soft chewy bone to teeth on'!! Picture 2 shows her dental efforts and Picture 3 is the bold madam having a snooze on my bed, tired out with all her chewing!! I can smile about it today!! Have frogged the lonely sock 2 and cast on another pair (just using the standard Opal pattern) in Regia Cotton Surf. Anyone want a dog???

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Mini-me Jaywalkers

Have just finished these - shortened Jaywalkers (pattern by Grumperina at as my fussy two aren't keen on long socks. DD2's are in pink Lana Grossa Magico and DD1 ordered hers in Lorna's Laces Aslan. Lorna's Laces is soooooo nice to knit with, I have forgiven it for its amazing pooling abilities! Although a self-confessed anally retentive sock knitter, I actually quite like pooling - feel it adds to the originality of the finished pair?? Isn't it amazing too how the same pattern looks so vastly different in another yarn?

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

I need therapy!

Arrrggghhhhhhhh (at decibel level 103)!!! Oh, that feels better - a scream in cyber space to let off some frustration and steam! I haven't posted for too long and have to admit I have missed rambling on here. It's amazing how much clearer things feel when you can quietly reflect whilst punching the keyboards! Have been back at work for several weeks now and am not sure if its that work is even more chaotic and stressful than normal - or if its more about the realisation of how much multi-tasking we need in order to attempt to juggle the multiple roles many of us find ourselves facing??? Am sure these stressors are compounded by the fast approaching new academic year and the too-recent-to-be-a-fond/distant-memory of hammering away at the keyboard at 3am on the most pressing Masters assignment ... having a couple of fretful hours sleep, before having to rise again at 6.30am to head off to work and start the whole cycle over again?? So much for Ivory Towers! Having purposely blanked the whole process from my mind over the summer, I have made some progress - albeit only a meeting!

Stress management techniques have been introduced - which translates as sock knitting! I have been ploughing away at my 'knitting hall of shame' and plan to felt the Ringo bag (pattern by Sue Morgan at over the weekend. I love felting though am a relative novice but find something strangely therapeutic about shrinking a knitted item on purpose rather than stomach churning accident! The Wendy Fusion bolero only needs half a front and the ribbing done (note the way I have managed to obliterate the sewing up from that process!). However, I have sought refuge in my sanity saving sock department and have completed a shortened pair of Jaywalkers ( by Grumperina at for DD1 in Lorna's Laces Aslan and have nearly completed another Jaywalker in Lana Grossa for DD2. Jaywalkers, I found, is an almost hypnotic pattern, based on only 2 rows ... easy to commit to memory and to knit whilst relaxing, watching TV or listening to DD2 chuntering on, on her topic of the night! Pics will be posted whenever I have managed to contain/bribe DD1/2 simultaneously!

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

A picture paints a thousand words

At last! Pictures of my stash acquired at the Get Knitted Open Day last weekend! The red/pink Cascade is to become Wooley from Noro Unlimited for DD2 and for me, Sienna (Interweave Knits Fall) is beckoning in the Lamb's Pride ...

Sunday, 3 September 2006

I'm in stash heaven!

The countdown is over and the deed is done! My friend from work, W, and I had the date highlighted in our diaries for weeks and survived the departmental teasing and disbelief ... You want to spend Saturday doing WHAT???'. We boldly went, and spent, at the Get Knitted Open Day ( in Bristol. It was a Yarnette's Heaven! An area of the warehouse had been set out with nearly every yarn imaginable - all to be drooled over, fondled and acquired for stash! The colours and textures were gorgeous and various items were in and out of my basket as I just couldn't decide what to buy. However, as a reliable member of Stash Anonymous, my acquisition skills didn't let me down and I left a happy knitter with the following goodies:
  • Noro Unlimited pattern book
  • Interweave Knits Fall pattern book
  • 7 skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Persian Peacock (for me)
  • 6 skeins of Cascade 220 in a lovely soft red/pink shade (for DD2)
  • 2 skeins Koigu KPPPM in gorgeous lilac shades (future socks)
  • Fleece Artist Merino in Jester (autumnal/maple shades)
  • Opal Hand dyed something from the bargain bin

Had planned to do a lovely top-down, crossover cardigan in the Lamb's Pride. However, Sienna (Interweave Knits) is calling ... Now, just to find time to knit up all the stash!! One of the other lovely parts of the day was the opportunity to meet fellow members from the Angel Yarns ( Forum: hello again Liverbird, No1Alicat (and gorgeous Ali-Kitten), Slowasasnail (and mum), Jenandberry and Anniknits (sporting one of her stunning bags)!