Sunday, 10 June 2007

Turbulent times!

I would like to introduce Turbulence U Neck sweater, pattern by Norah Gaughan (pattern in Knitting Nature book). Well, as much of it as I have done so far ... I've spent most of the weekend working on the charts for the cabled neckline. This has been my first foray into using charts, being a die-hard written pattern fan until now. The air was blue as my tired, fuggy brain tackled Row 19 - a mere 4 times and 5 hours later ... success!!

( Knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK)
On to less turbulent times, now that the battle with Row 19 has been won!

At last - a finished item!

Pic 1: Ploperro, Cornwall
Pic 2: Celtic silver necklace

The blog has shown a distinct lack of finished projects for too, too long! Having once done the Myers Briggs (I think) assessment, I was identified as a starter-finisher. However, over recent months, I've more resembled a starter-starter-and start againer!! My ever increasing pile of unfinished items is testament to these behaviours ....

Whilst in Cornwall 2 weeks ago, I made a silver locket at a local craft store and have now uploaded the pictures. Roll of drums from MsB for this Celtic silver necklace ... a finished item, albeit not of knitted form but finished regardless. I'm really pleased with it and would love to try this activity again. Oh no, I feel a new crafty compulsion developing ...

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Uncharted territory!

I love cables ... love arans ... the more complex the pattern the more I like it! However, what is it about me and charts??? I become a gibbering eejit when presented with a pattern in chart form! Give me an olde worlde pattern with the instructions written out row by row and I'll show you one very happy, unstressed cabler:) However, there are such beautiful patterns available now in charted format that I'm biting the bullet (0r chart deciphering skills) and am making reasonable headway on Norah Gaughan's stunning Turbulence U neck jumper (pattern in Norah's Knitting Nature book ... what stunning patterns in this book. I love it!).

The pattern recommends that you use Berroco Softtwist yarn which I found extremely difficult (impossible!) to source in the UK. I now have some winging its way to me from the States (Thank you, texasyarns, eBay seller) in a lovely taupe shade. However, I was so keen to cast on this jumper, I have subbed and am doing my original, pilot-run in Debbie Bliss Cotton dk (a humungous thanks to the de-stashing Pictish on Crafty Yarns N'Threads forum!!) in a glorious terracotta shade. My knitted wardrobe will overflo'eth! Will post progress pic over the weekend...

And on a celebratory note, guess who's the birthday girl today ... Isla, the returnee pup, is one today. Maybe better not remind MrB of the date as it'll trigger memories of the £280+ caesarian section vet bill:) Wasn't she worth it though!

And on a final very excited note, my Berroco yarn has just been delivered to the door in the last 5 minutes! MUST, must finish the one on the needles at the moment!!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cornwall sanity saver

Things have been hectic and pretty stressful on all fronts recently in the Blethers household. All of it had left me feeling pretty drained and sadly lacking in knitting mojo:( I'd not even managed a stitch on a pair of socks, couldn't be bothered adding to the already impressive collection of WIPs I have to my somewhat embarrassed name ...

So, during the recent bank holiday, the girls and I had a girlie getaway-from-it-all weekend to Cornwall. It was, as usual, booked at the very last minute and we stayed just outside Looe. The weather was not brilliant but didn't detract too much from the fun. We drove down on the Friday - and must admit I was extremely tempted to take a detour when I saw the signs for Bovey Tracy (there's meant to be a really good yarn store there). Howls of protest came from the growly adolescent MsB's .... 'We weren't allowed to bring a dvd player ... so NO wool therapy for you, mum'!! How could I have spawned such harsh besums:) However, I didn't realise JUST how deprived I was going to be in the knitting department (Hint for all future travels - don't let the disorganised dyslexic daughter pack the bags into the boot!). DD2 forgot, genuinely, to pack my bag with my Norah Gaughan Turbulence jumper in it!!!! Despite this, we had a great weekend.

On the Saturday, we drove over to a jewelry centre near Redruth. We spent hours in a pottery shop there - the girls spent time painting pots and then DD1 and I made silver lockets under the very patient tutelage of the store owner. What a fantastic job this lady has ... creating and helping others to create on a daily basis. I absolutely loved making the locket and was pathetically excited about how well it turned out (The girls will confirm I DID go round the shop, showing it to all the other poor shoppers there at the time!).

Sunday saw us heading off to Polperro, an absolutely beautiful ancient village right on the coast. Cars need to park just outside the village as the streets are too narrow to cope with cars. Just as I paid for the parking ticket something shot past my nose and I queried whether it was a big blob of hail (in May!). It was! The heavens opened - and in the space of 10 minutes, we'd had torrential rain ... huge hail stones ... the car park flooded ... thunder and lightening! We decided we'd wait it out for a wee while to see if the conditions improved. Temporarily they did - just for long enough for us to get out of the car! Half way down the car park, the heaven's re-opened and I was left abandoned as the girls raced back to the car for shelter! DD1 was horsing it so fast to get out of the way of the lightening that her shoe came off as she ran - and she carried on running, one shoe on and the other foot, barefoot!

We headed back to Polperro on the Monday morning before making our way home in the afternoon. Despite the weather and the knitting deprivation, we'd a fantastic time and I can't say just how much I enjoyed having undistracted time with the girls. They seemed to enjoy it enough to be planning the next girlie trip too (BUT I will make sure my knitting is securely packed before departing!)