Saturday, 26 September 2009

Almost tropical autumn

Tropicana Socks
Tropicana socks (pattern by Sabine Riefler), using The YarnYard Pink Goth 4ply sock yarn. This is a wonderful pattern for variegated yarns, creating striking undulations of colour (Can't quite believe I typed that last sentence. But hey, it's out there and staying!

  • Changed heel from short row to standard flap heel to make sure it accommodated daughter’s high instep (Sorry, pet, I know you inherited that from me!).

  • The pattern produces a fairly dense fabric, so reduced stitches to 64 stitches and completed in plain stocking stitch.
Autumn must be in the air in the animal kingdom too. We looked out of the windows just after mid-day to see an unusual sight for suburbian Cardiff - an adult fox sauntering along the pavement!

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Sunday, 6 September 2009


... big banana feet!

It's been years (obviously!) since I heard that old school yard ode - but I couldn't quite get it out of my head whilst these latest socks were on the needle. Another pair of Cookie's Monkeys in a 4ply Fyberspate's yarn. I can't be really specific about the yarn as it was bought on eBay and has been nestling in my sock stash pile for some time.
Talking of Cookie... I'd fallen in love with some of the recent socks made by fellow Ravelers, in particular, kai-mei. Eunice, bex and kristi are equally stunning patterns and I hope to build up enough sock-making confidence to tackle them all at some point. Cookie's book, Sock Innovation, is clearly laid out and full of helpful hints, as well as socky inspiration

I KNOW we've all seen that hysterical picture taken by a couple on holiday, where they were gate crashed by an inquisitive squirrel. One of the spin-off sites has given me endless pleasure - filling my daughters' email boxes with tweaked family photos. This picture of Molly the Mongrel was just made to be squirrelized:o) It always leaves me giggling, seeing her lick her new furry friend!

Don't worry about the squirrel's well-being. Molly's just saying "hello" and is incapable of any alternative canine motivations:o)

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