Sunday, 29 October 2006

Things will only get better!

As the former Labour party battle cry went ... things can only get better! It's been a horrible few weeks in the Blethers household. One of my close colleagues was taken very seriously unwell and has been in Intensive Care for several weeks now. Another workmate has been undergoing investigations into a possible liver tumour. Thankfully, we learned that it is benign on Friday, which is wonderful news. We have also tragically and unexpectedly lost a 48 year old workmate. Many of us at work are from out-of-area and don't have family in the immediate area. This tends to lead to very close working relationships with us becoming a sort-of extended family to each other... On top of this major issues, the electrics in the Blethers Mansion went haywire and we discovered a 3 foot length of cable had melted and completely merged. The house could have gone on fire at any point - which is NOT the point to discover that we had NO building insurance at all (now sorted)!!

All of this has left my knitting and concentration in a fankle. The Wooley lies unfinished... At least 5 single socks are awaiting their 'sole' mate... I cast on a plain sock in Opal Rainforest 6ply and have been a little disappointed with it. Dr Fish in the 4ply version appears much more vibrant than the rather muted shades of its 6ply namesake. My knitting sanity has been saved by frequenting a new Forum, The Knitters Yarn ( It's well worth popping in for a look, chat and some inspiration.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Virtual Mum: 1 Virtual Gran: NIL

Junior went back to school today ... peace, perfect peace! No 3am feed tonight - nor coping with one VERY tired, grouchy 14 year old virtual mother!! However, the weekend's experience has been a very valuable one. DD2 has really challenged my perceptions of her - we gently tease her about her chaos and general aversion to responsibility (particularly of the household task variety!). She has, however, shown a different side over the weekend and took on full responsibility for the 'baby', even though she was almost comatose with tiredness.

Her performance was assessed by the teacher this morning; despite being set on the most challenging programme, DD2 scored 100% for her care (She was so chuffed as with her dyslexia, dyspraxia and auditory processing issues, her scores seldom reflect her effort). She was soooooo proud! As for Virtual Granny, the baby told tales on me and flagged up that I had 'abused' him whilst placing him in the car seat (He's a blooming vinyl doll!!).

DD2: 1 .... Virtual Gran; Nil .... and a very restricted career as a childminder :)

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Virtual Granny!

It feels an age since I last posted and indeed it is! There have been a number of things going on in life at the moment and life can sometimes seem a mile away from that lovely, cosseted and safe yarn world many of us create for ourselves. Hopefully, things will resolve soon and my enthusiasm, concentration and focus will return for the various projects I currently have on the needles.

However, amongst this, DD2 has (as always) made me smile. She is currently studying a Child Development course and has been eagerly awaiting the stork's delivery of the school's virtual baby - a life-like, computerised newborn baby boy! She has planned all her care strategies with military precision - including how she could juggle 'virtual motherhood' with starting her gym course today. We duly collected Junior from school on Friday afternoon and DD2 has really impressed with her level of responsibility and commitment to Junior's care. I do suspect, though, that virtual motherhood is becoming a slightly less idealistic notion - especially after he had DD2 up at 3am and again at 7am! A remarkable feat really as DD2 seldom sees 11am chime on a Saturday morning and is usually still blissfully snoring away! The wee soul crawled into her bed, shattered, at 9.15pm and was in the land of nod within seconds! Roll on more reality and this morning's 2am feed!!

Lo! I hear Junior calling ....