Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sabbatical and scenery

The sabbatical is over! The blogger returns... Be warned, this entry is picture heavy - but that'll save you having to cope with too much havering from blogblethers! The girls and I have just returned from a short trip "home" to Argyllshire. We stayed in a cottage on the banks of Lock Eck, about 12 miles from Dunoon. Even on overcast rain-threatening days, the scenery is glorious.

The view from the decking as you stepped out the cottage door
Isn't it strange how sometimes you have to leave before you truly appreciate the beauty of your home area?
There has been some action on the needles too following a fallow period where not ONE stitch was done in nearly three months. Thank you February Lady Sweater for prompting needle activity again! Photo's to follow...