Sunday, 11 February 2007

Slouch socks and yarn dreams

Pic 1: Slouch socks in their finished glory
Pic 2: Temptation ... temptation ... I couldn't resist this scrumptious yarn - Lorna's Laces Maple Leaves, purchased from Yarnela, eBay seller

At last! Houston, we have a pair!! Please welcome DD1's cosy new Slouch socks (pattern by Sue Morgan,, knitted in Artesano Alpaca lemon colourway. I just can't tell you how cosy and snuggly these wee beauties are ... in fact, if the weather continues to be as cold and miserable as its been over the past week, I may be tempted to become 'bad mummy' and whip her socks! Whilst doing the 2nd of the two, I used bamboo dpn's and found that these created a much nicer tension, especially over the lacy heel flap. However, as the yarn is prone to splitting a little, I had to revert back to ye trusty olde metal pins to pick up the gusset. And wonders will never cease, the Growley One (DD1) has openly expressed the fact that she likes these ones!!!! Pass the smelling salts ... sock knitting mother faints!!

I just had to share a pic of this drool evoking yarn for possibly my March entries to the sock-a-month KAL ... Lorna's Laces Maple Leaves, purchased from Yarnela, eBay seller in Canada. I could just sit and lust quietly away at this one (ooooh the colour, the pattern potentials) whilst maniacly hissing at DD1 and DD2 'This one's mine ... all mine"! (Don't sock yarns bring out THE worst in me????). After much drooling I found the ideal pattern, Cascading Leaves sock pattern. NOW, could I find the pattern once the yarn had wung its way across the Atlantic??? NO ... NO .... NO... Like a woman demented I had to seek help from my fellow forumees in the Yarn n'Crafty Things forum ( and we sought endlessly through cyberspace till we solved the riddle. The pattern is available to members of the TownsendKAL (

I now have both in my grubby hands and life feels complete ....

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Blogger Ling said...

Gorgeous slouch socks! They certainly look comfy. I do love knitting socks - prefectly portable and almost instant gratification!

Monday, February 12, 2007  
Blogger Queen Frogger said...

Very nice socks and the new yarn is rather tasty!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007  
Blogger Piglottie said...

Love the slouch socks. I also love bamboo dpns.

And great minds eh? As you know, I join you in the LL Maple Leaves club - and bought from the same person (excellent service). Glad we found the pattern in the end and cant wait to see it knitted up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007  
Blogger blog-blethers said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Well, DD1 has worn them and pronounced them to be very comfortable to wear. Bet that still won't mean she's volunteering to do the old handwashing though:) I can't wait to use the Maple Leaves but am hanging off till I get all the other lone soldiers finished first!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007  

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