Sunday, 20 August 2006

Woman on a mission!

Spent the day touring around West Wales again with DP as he worked, with DD2, SS2 and SS3 for company in the car - you can imagine the decibel level, can't you???? They were either singing along with the charts, giggling away together or at war and trading insults at the top of their lungs!! Some of the noise was blocked out by focusing on the current mission to complete the embarrassing collection of Works-in-Abandonment that have gathered over the past few months (pics posted yesterday... and won't humiliate myself with re-posting the pictorial evidence!!).

There is some progress to report though since yesterday's entry. The blue/lilac merino wool socks (yarn from naturaldyestudio, eBay store) are now a pair! And the toe has been grafted on DD2's Broadripple sock (by Rob Matyska ) in Cascade Fixation 9490. AND the back of the Wendy Fusion 5291 bolero (yarn and pattern from is now 15 rows longer!!


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