Sunday, 6 August 2006

Sock sinner no more...

I've DONE it!! Feel like doing a lap of honour around the track of unrewarding WIPs!! Having kicked my backside into action (see last post), I am no longer a sock sinner! The 'Oh So Beautiful' sock is now a pair ... in somewhat lurid Sherbet Lorna's Laces. DD2 is chuffed with them and will duly oblige tomorrow and 'model' her new foot attire (her penance for picking the yarn and pattern and only fair that she is humbled in cyberspace methinks).

In celebration, I have cast on her next 'order', Broadripple socks (by Rob Matyska in Cascade Fixation Spray 9490. Bless her, I sometimes question if DD2 and I are genetically linked - she seems to love the colourways that I find putrid and vice versa!


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