Sunday, 6 August 2006

Sleepless in .... South Wales!

It's been a strange and teary end to this week for all of us in blether-ville. Our 4 'babies' (Molly's puppies) have moved to their new homes. Spot (now to be known as Honey) left us first on Thursday afternoon. She has gone to an absolutely wonderful family who will love her and cherish her to bits. They have popped back and forth to the house and have been involved with her since she was a couple of days old. Her new 'dad' collected her earlier than planned as he was so excited and was telling the gathered farewell reception committee (me, DD1, DD2, SS2 and their assorted friends) all that the family had bought and prepared for her arrival ... bedding, box, bowls, lead, collar, squeaky toys, chewy bones, food ... a proper dog heaven. Meanwhile, we were all hugging her and wishing him gone so that we could keep Spot! She is such a fantastic wee character and her tail even wags while she's eating ... She left sitting in a box in his van with her wee face looking out of the van window ... Molly, standing on the window sill whilst watching out of the sitting room window ... and the rest of us all snottering and crying. I know we should have been rejoicing as she has gone to such a lovely home and family! Next day, Jaydyn (now Ellie) left ... with similar weeping and wailing in the Blethers household. Again, she has gone to a lovely family who will care for her beautifully. That same evening, Sushi went with SS2 to his home (SS2 had been with us for several weeks at this point). At least, we shall continue to see Sushi regularly. We have one wee baby remaining tonight (Kaydyn) who I am taking to her new home tomorrow morning - she is curled up at my feet looking like a cherub at the moment. I suspect she is saving herself for her nightly yowls later on. It must be so strange for them to have to learn to sleep apart and live separately of their sisters. There have been a number of phone calls reporting in how the babies have settled in to their new abodes and, I suspect, some diluting of truths ... all have said that their pup only 'howled for a little while' ... though having had SS2, SS3 and Sushi over today, we have just learnt that SS2 spent the first downstairs settling Sushi down so that the rest of his family could sleep!!

DP, sensitive soul, fears for my (and his!) sanity when it comes time for the kids to leave home if I am so teary about the pups!


Blogger Mick said...

Shame all the puppies are gone, I'd have cried as well, they're so cute. I'm sure they'll all get on great in their new homes.

Monday, August 07, 2006  
Blogger blog-blethers said...

You are absolutely right, Belaybunny - their new homes are great! Everyone had to pass the most austere (us!) interview panel to adopt our babies. I just wish we had a huge house and didn't have to work (like most of us some days, eh?) as I would happily have kept all 4. We still have the mini zoo here - 2 dogs and 4 cats!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006  

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