Saturday, 19 August 2006

Knitting Hall of Shame...

In the past, I remember having one project on the go and always finishing it before moving on to the next... Unfortunately, the starter-finisher personality trait appears to have abandoned me in middle age! Certainly, I remain a starter ... but just look how many projects I have still to finish. TWO pouffe loads worth! Aggghhhhhh!!

Picture 1
  1. Gwen cardigan in Rowan Big Wool (Smoke)
  2. Cardigan in gold/bronze Shimmer ... destined to remain unfinished as I reckon I'd look like a grizzly bear in it! Though it may be reborn as cushions for DD2's bedroom
  3. Lacy bolero in Sirdar Luxury Cotton
  4. Ringo (un)felted bag in Noro Kureyon
  5. Eloise cardigan in Noro Blossom 15

Picture 2

  1. Bolero in Wendy Fusion (Cinnamon)
  2. Various socks - needing a mate, a toe grafted, some love and affection ...

I am off work this week and am a woman on a starter-FINISHER mission!


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