Friday, 28 July 2006

'Should' rebellion

Have taken a much needed day's annual leave from work today - brilliantly supported by the team who posted placards all over the office telling me not to come in till next Wednesday (including one that read that 'Knitting needs protected time: Knit - don't work!'). Now, either my colleagues are really supportive and could see how knackered I have been looking of late - OR I am a really crap boss and they wanted me out of the way for a few days! I'm voting for the 1st version though; otherwise, my self esteem will be in my boots and I haven't finished the boot socks yet...

Felt strangely compelled last night that I should spend the day tackling the huge 'should' pile of tasks that needed to be done:
  • should do the 3 feet high pile of ironing that lies waiting
  • should be cleaning our non-see through windows in the sitting room (Abbie and Molly - our beloved Heinz's lie like Cardiffian- sphinxes on the window sill for hours ... leaving 'nosey' trails along the lower part of the glass)
  • should be stripping all the beds
  • should be ... blah blah...
  • should be getting up early and tackling all of the above and more!

What have I done?? I am now the founder member of the Should Rebellion! I woke up mega-late (errrr 11.30am to be exact) ... have read the papers leisurely ... watched a little day time TV (god, I just love doing that occasionally - what an embarrassing confession) ... have browsed online at some yarns (no change there then!) and have fallen in love with Noro Silk Garden 230 (Should resist spending - but, hey, am the founding member of the Should Rebellion!) ... am about to join Angelyarn new club (Yarn Angels) ... then think I'll get down to some serious sock knitting for the rest of the day. Even that fits in with the SR Manifesto because, technically, I should be working on the Sirdar cotton shrug (in California Girls pattern book and knitted in Sirdar Luxury cotton - calico colourway) ... or the Noro Blossom (shade 15) cardigan ... or the cardigan in goldie coloured Shimmer (WHAT was I thinking on that one?? Am going to look like a middle aged teddy bear in THAT one???)...


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