Sunday, 23 July 2006

Blogs - The New Avoidance Strategy!

Have woken up to another scorcher in unusually sunny, hot South Wales. Sounds like paradise?? Well, trying not to sound tooo grumpy here, NOT if you have Celtic (ie pale as a ghost, red headed, freckly ... And, errrr, grouchy in heat and humidity!) colouring. Am meant to be tackling work related project today, needed for early next week - setting foundation and full competencies for Band 5 Occupational Therapists .... BUT it's Sunday, my head is mulch and I am indeed a Master of Avoidance! So far, I have browsed through online yarns shops (Get Knitted and Angel Yarns are calling, begging for sales!!); have read the Sunday papers (always important to keep abreast of world events - and gossip!); fed/cleaned and played with the puppy babies; set up an excel sheet to gain some control of the mounting 4 ply sock yarn stash I seem to have acquired .... Was about to start the dreaded piece of work when, YIPPEE, I thought of here!!

I became a member of the Angelyarns forum a couple of months ago and have found it a really friendly place with loads of support from knitters way more talented than me. I used to tease my friend who knitted all her hubby's socks and couldn't quite get my head around why not just run down to Marks and Spencers to replenish stocks??? Well, have been well and truly corrupted in the forum - as the above evidence proves! Here are my first 4 pairs - modeled by MrBletherer and my youngest daughter! Isn't it strange that the same pattern (Opal freebie) was used for both DD's socks and how differently they have turned out?? The sock on the left of the photo is Opal Prisma and the other is Lana Grossa (seems the cotton content has made a bit of a difference to the gauge). There are more pairs on the way (if I ever get round to finishing the partner socks). I LOVE finding out how the wool looks when knitted up ... which is not great in supporting pair-dom really.

Ohhh stop blethering on, woman!! Go get that piece of work done - NOW!!!


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